Sailing through the ice cold waters of the Arctic

Barents once sailed through these waters, along the fjords of Spitsbergen, looking for a way to reach Asia via the north. Now it is up to us, not to reach Asia, but the most Northern village in the world; Ny Alesund. And we do that on a beautiful sailingship that bears the name of the Netherlands’ most famous painter: Rembrandt van Rijn.

From Longyearbyen we travel north to Ny Alesund hoping to spot walruses, polar bears and arctic foxes. Of course we are also happy with the many glaciers, reindeer and birds that we will see during the trip. The island is still white, but in the meantime the midnight sun has made its entrance and the cold bleak wind gives way to a softer one.

I captured the expedition with its many adventures in a series of photos. View my sea-voyage with the Rembrandt van Rijn here.