The traditional coffee corner

When we talk in my hometown about a coffee corner we aren’t talking about a hotspot where you can get a cappuccino with soya milk and a vega toast with hummus. In The Hague a the coffee corner is very traditional. Our famous Dutch comedian, Harrie Jekkers describes it as follow;, “a wooden shack of five by six meters where all the problems of the world fit in, and these are solved by the workers who come there with a cup of coffee and analyzed in a few seconds.” There are several coffee corners or coffee kiosks of different sizes. But it is still the main place to find work, to solve world problems and of course to drink a cup of coffee and eat a sandwich (broodje bal for the Dutch visitors of my website).

Despite the fact that there are still quite a few traditional coffee corners, they are in danger of disappearing from the streets. One transforms into a Thai toko, the other becomes a Surinamese sandwich shop. I found this an eternal sin and documented the traditional coffee corners in my hometown before they threaten to completely vanish from the streets of The Hague. Besides, The Hague is the only city in the Netherlands where one can still visit these very old traditional coffee corners.

I published a book!

In 2019 I published a photo book about this phenomenon in The Hague. It includes 196 pages with photos, quotes and more from and about the coffee corners in The Hague. Make sure you have a copy? Order it here. (only in Dutch).

Publications in The Netherlands

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