Yes! My very first book is published in 2019. And not just a book, it’s a book where my passion for photography and my love for my city The Hague come together. Namely a book about The Hague coffeehouses. A book where photos tell the story about this phenomenon and quotes from visitors, owners and friends make you smile.

More than 190 pages filled with photos of coffee houses in The Hague, including a preface from none other than Sjaak Bral. And of course some extras, but I will not give it away yet.

There is only a limited edition of the book. Do you really want the book in your bookcase? Then make sure you already ordered it:

It costs € 24,95 excl. sending costs


De Volkskrant

Algemeen Dagblad


Scheveningse Courant

Den Haag FM

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