Bound to Home | Week 2

Week 2 of isolation has started. For me nothing really has changed. The rules are clear; stay home, keep your distance and wash your hands. Everyday I wake up thinking this is all a dream and it isn’t really happening. Not because I don’t believe it but just because it feels so unreal.

The Netherlands is not in complete lock-down. Our prime-minister, who is doing a great job(!), thinks the Dutch people are responsible and mature enough to obey the rules. He doesn’t want to take all our freedom away, for which I am thankful. That is, as long as we keep our distance, act mature and the numbers of death and infected is going down.

As I’m still bound to home but venture out sometimes I continue my weekly story ‘Bound to Home’.

Here is my second week of being ‘Bound to Home’ – shot with my Nikon FM 2 | analogue, Kodak TRI-X 400 film black & white.

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