Bound to Home | Week 1

It is the 15th of March and after ten days of isolation with the Nenet at the white plains of Russian Siberia I appear in the modern world. Little did I know that while I was living a life with the Nenet, completely off the grid, the world was in crisis. Chaos all around, countries were closing the borders, cities on total lock-down and people in quarantaine for at least two weeks. The virus we call Corona had spread throughout the world.

From isolation in the arctic I went to isolation in my 60m2 apartment. An isolation that feels like being in, a very comfortable but still, a prison. Offline nothing happened; empty streets in normally crowded city centres, shops where only 2 people can enter at the same time and beaches where one only spots seagulls. The offline world quickly shifted online. Hashtags like #supportyourlocal were invented, I received many challenges and internet shopping became booming.

I decided to make the best of it and create a photo project for myself. I called it ‘bound to home’ as at the moment we are bound to home. As the rules become stricter and our freedom tightens my life becomes more of the same. Something I won’t tell in words but show in photo’s.

Here is my first week of being ‘Bound to Home’ – shot with my Nikon FM 2 | analogue, Kodak TRI-X 400 film black & white.

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